Birgitta de Leeuw


Wind and sun (2017)

I walk down a narrow hallway. It is cold and there is a strong wind. The hallway, the walls, they feel cold and bleak. Coats hung at the beginning of the hall. I am glad I put one on and I pull it a little closer around me. Where the narrow corridor ends, I enter a pleasant round space. It is warm, friendly. I feel my muscles relax and my face soften. The jacket falls naturally off my shoulders. I put it in one of the baskets that have been set up for that purpose. I look around again and then walk outside. There I see video screens with the images of those who preceded me. When I look at them, I see what I just felt myself. The relaxation after the cold, the peace that it brings and the obviousness to take off my coat.


My inspiration for this installation is the story of the battle between the wind and the sun about who is the strongest. For me this story is an appealing mirror about leadership. 




Rhythms of life (2018)

A big hall. I enter and see four stairs. They look different and are made of different materials. What shall I do. Go down? Or up? One is easy, feels naturally to climb. The other requires courage and attention. Do I dare? Or am i playing it safe? Which steps suit me best?


I found the inspiration for this installation in the elements air, water, earth and fire. Life and we as human beings are made of it. They influence us and unnoticed we developed a preference. Are we able to master all elements in order to achieve balance? 



Klick here for a 3D display of Rhytms of life

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